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Local author writes first horror novel produced by a mainstream LDS publisher | Arts & Culture

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Local author writes first horror novel produced by a mainstream LDS publisher

SPANISH FORK, Utah — When Utah author Jeffrey Savage completed the manuscript of his horror novel, he assumed that one of his national publishers would bring it to store shelves.

He was wrong.

So wrong in fact, that the type publisher he thought would be the least likely to publish his book, made it happen.

The book is not only a milestone for Savage, but also for the LDS book market in general. Dark Memories, a horror novel, is due out mid-January and is the first of its kind to be published by a mainstream LDS publisher.

“I never in a million years thought that an LDS publisher would publish something this scary,” Savage says.

But Savage also says that the reason why he decided to publish it for this particular market was because he received many inquiries from his LDS friends, readers, and acquaintances about the book, so he decided to take a chance.

The book is about six children who got lost in an abandoned gold mine twenty-five years ago. Only five of the children were found alive, so when someone begins killing the survivors, all clues point to the ghost of the dead boy.

Although Savage says this book will “keep you up at night,” he also claims that the blood and gore scenes that are so prominent in many of the horror books in the mainstream national market—a market that Savage is well acquainted with—are not in his book.

“It’s not blood and guts like Texas Chainsaw Massacre or something. But it will keep you up at night. I think you can tell a scary story without getting into the blood and guts,” he says.

The project has been ten years in the making for Savage, but the best-selling author says that he knew along the way that it would make an impact on readers.

“When my first literary agent read it, she said, ‘I was uptill two in the morning with your book. I finished reading at eleven in theevening but couldn’t fall asleep until two.’”

To Savage, that is mark of a true horror story.

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