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Vacant Provo complex again target of arson, officials say

PROVO — Provo Fire responded to a second suspected arson within a week.

At approximately 3:48 a.m. fire crews responded to 4800 N Edgewood Dr., close to The Shops at Riverwoods where another building in the vacant complex was engulfed in flames.

On April 11, fire crews responded to the same complex where three abandoned duplexes were engulfed in flames shortly before 3 a.m.

Fire Marshal Lynn Schofield said the flames in both fires were intentionally set.

Firefighters took a defensive approach in Saturday morning’s fire and let the structure burn for the safety of the crew. Schofield said a firefighter was treated for carbon monoxide poisoning on scene.

“We’d really like to get this stopped,” Schofield said.

The blaze was put out at about 6:45 a.m.

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Woman arrested for alleged sexual solicitation at massage parlor

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Want to see Utah’s liquor store inventory? Click here

SALT LAKE CITY — Becky Rosenthal knows first-hand what it’s like to find a great drink on Utah liquor store shelves one day, only to find it gone the next.

“We’ve gone from store to store and bounced around until we’ve found the right thing,” said Rosenthal, who writes about food and drink in Utah on her website, theslcfoodie.com.

Recently, the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control quietly made its inventory available online for everyone to see. Through a search engine tool on the DABC’s website, customers can look up a particular bottle or type of drink (say, “merlot” or “absinthe”) and view the brands and how many bottles are available at what liquor store in the state.

Experts discuss health insurance enrollment numbers in Utah

SALT LAKE CITY — President Obama is calling the Affordable Care Act a success, since millions of Americans have signed up for health care on the federal exchanges.

But how many Utahns have signed up and are now covered? FOX 13 News spoke with experts at Arches Health Plan, who said it’s still too soon to call Utah’s enrollment numbers good or bad.

The official report has not come in yet, but based on the estimates so far, Utah’s youth enrollment is above the national percentage.

After a rough roll out of the new health care exchange under the Affordable Care Act, President Obama was eager to announce the national enrollment numbers Thursday. He said 8 million Americans have enrolled, with 35 percent of those people under the age of 35.

In Utah, no official statewide numbers have been released, but a spokesperson for Arches Health Plan said about 68,000 Utahns have enrolled, with 47 percent in the coveted 35 and younger demographic.

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Teen ordered to stand trial in deputy’s murder

PROVO, Utah — A judge has ordered a 17-year-old girl to face trial for the murder of a Utah County Sheriff’s deputy.

At the end of a preliminary hearing on Thursday, Fourth District Court Judge Darold McDade ruled there was enough evidence to make Meagan Grunwald stand trial for a dozen charges, including aggravated murder and attempted murder.

Grunwald showed no emotion.

“She’s traumatized by it,” her lawyer, Dean Zabriskie, told reporters outside of court. “Again, she’s only 17 years old.”

Grunwald is charged in connection with the death of Sgt. Cory Wride, the wounding of deputy Greg Sherwood and shooting at several other officers during a high speed chase that stretched from Eagle Mountain to Nephi earlier this year.

Students participate in ‘Great Utah Shakeout’ earthquake drill

SALT LAKE CITY — Emergency responders, firefighters, law enforcement officials and other emergency personnel throughout the state are joining Utah residents to participate in the “Great Utah Shakeout” earthquake drill Thursday morning.

The Great Utah Shakeout is part of a worldwide effort to increase awareness of earthquake emergency procedures and improve earthquake preparedness.

“There’s a million different things that people can do to be prepared, but the Great Utah Shakeout is one of the great things we can do as a state to be unified in all of our preparedness efforts,” said Joe Dougherty, Utah Division of Emergency Management.

The Great Utah Shakeout began at 10:15 a.m. with a mock earthquake. Event organizers ask Utahns to “drop, cover and hold,” as if a real earthquake were happening, at that time.

State lawmakers discuss governor’s ‘Healthy Utah’ plan

SALT LAKE CITY — The Obama Administration reportedly gave Governor Gary Herbert preliminary approval on his plan to provide health care coverage to uninsured Utahns.

However, the governor’s bigger hurdle may be with the Utah legislature. It will take a special session from the Utah Legislature to approve the Governor’s plan, and scoring the support from the State House of Representatives will be challenging.

Governor Herbert was in good spirits after a trip to Washington D.C., where the feds gave his “Healthy Utah Plan” to cover tens of thousands of uninsured Utahns an initial OK.

“This will be a work in progress,” Herbert said during a press briefing. “We don’t have all the answers because we don’t know all the questions, but I’m confident this is going to be a better approach for the Utah citizens and taxpayers than just Medicaid expansion.”